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  • Prague pre-wedding 童話的國度-布拉格


    Pregnancy and NewBorn Q&A

    很多客人都想將懷孕時最美麗的一面記錄下來,但可能對於孕婦照都有不少疑問,我們將透過以下的Q&A session為大家解答一些經常會被問到的問題,希望幫到各位準媽媽:) Book Now Q: When is the best

    香港婚妙攝影景點推介 – 南生圍

    香港其實都有很多美景不比外國差,例如南生圍便一直是各新人的最愛景點之一,因為有大草園,又有樹林景,更有一個被綠草圍著的湖,十分有意景又像外國郊外的一個景點,而且車可直達,不需行幾里遠才可到達 Get in

    Pre-Wedding Photos – Vivian and Karl

    Get More Info 香港其實還有很多壯麗的景點呢  


    Alexander Hera is a top of the line wedding photography company in Hong Kong. We believe that wedding photography is not only about the technique or equipment that you use, but also a way of capturing feeling, touching and loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

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